A to Z, 2016

A to Z challenge prelude

A for Anger

B is for Bashful

C is for Confused

D is for Delight

E is for Enervated

F is for Family

G is for Gregarious

H is for Hapless

I is for Invisible

J is for Jocular

K is for Kindness

L is for Lackadaisical

M is for Moody

N is for Noisy

O is for Optimistic

P is for pertinatious

Q is for quirky

R is for ravenous

S is for Serene

S is for Synergistic

T is for Tantrumy

U is for Umbrage

V is for Vexed

W is for Wistful

X is for Xenophobic

Y is for Yearning

Zee is for zen and zesty

A to Z Challenge Reflection

What do you think?

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